Thursday, November 5, 2015

Rock and Roll with the Honda XR150L in Laiban Tanay

Mel Aquino of Motorsiklo News Magazine, Brando Rosales of C! Magazine and yours truly, the TurbanRider ready to rock and roll.

Well, it was supposed to be Sta. Ines.  But we did better.  Instinct told us to take on a different route to Sta. Ines and we got into a little quiet baranggay called Laiban in Tanay.

Mel Aquino and I decided to do an ocular ride for the upcoming Media Trail Ride.   Brando Rosales of C! Magazine decided to come along.

We have don the same brand of helmets!  #weareteamspyder
We converged at Katerina's at about 10am. It was a bit late, and it was raining.  We decided to wait for the sun to peep before we head down to Sta. Ines.   Mel wanted to drop by his friend ka-panget (but he's not ugly), and we took an immediate right from Katerina.  Mel couldn't find or remember ka-fanget's house.   He traveled further down to no avail.  We came to a point where we have to stop and wonder what's below down. It was a road less traveled, and the excitement of discovering what's beyond clasped our imagination and desire to explore.

And we did.

There were patches of roads but mostly, it's compacted soil, much to our delight.  It was actually a very VERY short trip.   After 7 or so small river crossings, we have arrived at Laiban.  It rained earlier and we had to contend with the additional challenge of riding through wet roads, sticky muds.  We had no qualms with that.  Our problem was, after passing through the baranggay of Laiban, the rivers rose and notch too high for us to cross.  We deemed it too dangerous to push through and decided to headback and check out Laiban instead.  We found a house that offers Lomi for 20 Pesos.

Jam-packed 20-peso home-made Lomi.  Delicious!
Mel and Brando finished their meal while I wasn't able to put a spoonful more into my body, as we just finished eating at Katerina's  The total time from Katerina to Laiban is less than an hour.

How the XR150L Fared

My two companions rode CRF250Ls.  I have a 150cc bike with 17-19in wheel combination.  But I can keep up with the two bigger bikes.  No it wasn't talent, which I really have a few of.  It's all about the bike.  Despite the smaller wheel diameter, I found it able to tackle even deep holes under the river, grip the soil.  It rolls over things easily.  My bike also is more equipped to travel on road but offroads are no problem.  Good long travel suspension provides comfortable travel.   Check out how if fared on-road here.

We had a very short ride, but it was fun, We traveled a total of 14 mini rivers.  Ate cheap but delicious local Lomi. Took us just half a day, but a fulfilling ride worthy of doing again.

Spyder Hex (supermoto dual visor), Spyder Brawl (motocross) with goggles and Spyder motard (supermoto with tinted lens)
We ordered a 20-peso Lomi soup.  Not bad.  Of course coffee afterwards.

The money shot.  Mel Aquino playing in the water.

We thank Honda Philippines, inc or allowing us to use and abuse the CRF250L and the XR150L.  We tried to destroy them but they were just indestructible. 

Mel Aquino and the TurbanRider thank Honda Philippines. Inc for these wonderful, able and indestructible machines.