Thursday, November 5, 2015

Uphill Climb Challenge - Jariel's Peak 2

Legendary motorcycle, legendary rider, legendary moves.
Mr. Mel Aquino, striding the Honda CRF250L and one of his daring exploits running the UCC with a stock bike, stock tires, and slipping clutch.  A testament to the resolve of a purehearted racer and the reliability of a true dualsports motorcycle.
Yours truly will be joining!

UPDATE:  The Legendary Bike Ridden by the Legendary Racer

In an impromptu decision, I have decided to ask the legendary Mel Aquino to ride the Honda CRF250L.   He said yes and we swapped bikes.

My trust in Mel is unquestionable, he knows his motorcycle like the bike of his hand.  And he definitely knows his motorcross bikes.

The Honda CRF 250L stood out amidst a sea of race-ready motorcycles lined up along the stretch of Marifanta road near the marker.  The mission is to get the best time possible running up to the finish line in Jariel's Peak, a good 30 kilometers.

Mel Aquino in action
Despite the dual-tires, unmodified engine and body (stock), and sliding clutch, Mel managed to finish the climb and did good time.   He ran up against higher displacement bikes which are suited to race.  And he did it without practice runs!   To our estimate, Mel will go to the podium, most probably bagging the 3rd spot.

It was a great run and thank you Mr. Francis Rivera and the rest of the ATPI for this wonderful and successful event.

Also, we thank:

Honda - for the probably the best duals-sports bike in the world.
CycleSeal - for the tire sealant
Overdose - for the support
Mirasol Advertising - for the bike's decal
Spyder - for the helmet and jacket
Wheeltek - for the support
ATPI - for this event
UHAW - for the food
Ducati - for the coffee
Petron - for the support

Thank you sponsors!

To know more about the Honda CRF250L, see my full review here.