Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Kawasaki Dominate - Rouser NS150

Ohh la la!
When the Rouser NS200 came into the market, the riders went agog. It was one of the most awaited entry level naked sports (thus the NS) motorcycles to be released in the country.  Kawasaki was already enjoying a commanding market position in the 135cc, 180cc, an there’s even the 220cc.  The NS200 filled a gap and it was a hit.

True to Kawasaki’s battlecry, they intend to dominate all the market segments by introducing the Rouser NS150.  With a much tamer displacement, it only means a more affordable bike for the endusers.

The Rouser 150 is not a bad bike either.  It dons the Kawasaki emblem ensuring the strictest standards of a Japanese motorcycle.

Will be dominate also the 15cc segment?  Let's see.

Yours truly was present the first ever Kawasaki Dominate, and that was years ago.  I was elated when I received the news that the Japanese giant is resuming its battle with the announcement of a new bike to be released.  The event was held in the parking ground of SM Mall of Asia and hundreds of Kawasaki fanatics braced the event.   Concert, foods and many gimmicks kept the riders happy and even joined in on the singing, this is aside from the karaoke booth that they set up.  There’s even a free haircut!

At the Mall of Asia parking ground
It was such a fun event, even nostalgic, remembering Kawasaki Dominate events.  The good times rolled again meeting old and new friends from the Kawasaki Riders Club of the Philippines, founded by a good friend Marvin Tuliao.

I was promised a demo unit of the Kawasaki Rouser NS150 and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

It was a sea of Kawasaki bikes.  

Nice to see MCP friends there!
The Rouser NS150 is officially launched!
Free massage!  Free haircut!  This event, me gusta!
The KRCP having a blast.
Sing all you want, oh yeah.

B. E. A utiful!