Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Cebu Scoopy Holds Balik Eskwela 2015 Part 2

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." – Aristotle

Not too long ago, Cebu Scoopy Club held its first ever Balik Eskwela Outreach Program. It was their 3rd outreach event since its nascency 3 years ago. The club wanted to be more active in its outreach program so they held another outreach program before the year ended. The program still aimed to help grade one pupils a good head start at school by providing them school supplies.

Balik Eskwela 2015 Part 2 was held on November 29, 2015 at another mountain barangay but this time, in the northern town of Cebu called Bongdo in Borbon. This event was actually the clubs 4th outreach program in just a span of one year only. That is something that the club members are so proud of.

As usual, we started the event at our meetup place, Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI) office in Lahug, Cebu City. The assembly time was 6:00AM and we planned to ride off at 7:00AM. However, because there was a Honda GEN-S Scooterfest event the night before at SM City Cebu where we also participated, we extended our ride off time a little bit.

There was rain that night and even in the early hours of dawn but thankfully, it stopped by the time we gathered. Some of the Scooperos who weren't able to wake up early just waited for us along the way and joined the group ride. Danilo Lagutiman and wife Cecille were generous to let us use their cage to help us transport our school supplies to Borbon. We were able to ride off at 7:30AM.

The group ride was smooth all along with no problems encountered. We did have a couple of gas stops along the way. We arrived at Bongdo, Borbon at around 10:00AM. The roads going to that mountain barangay started out great with nice tarmac. About a kilometer before we reach the school, the rough roads greeted us. As always, our Honda Scoopy didn't have a problem riding along the rough roads.

We were greeted with a lot people at the school when we arrived. We saw parents, teachers and the kids as well. Apparently, they were there since 7:00AM although the teachers announced they should be there by 9:00AM. Talk about punctuality, eh! :)

When we arrived, we immediately went inside one of their offices and started on unpacking our gifts for the kids. They let us use their principal's office.

Our backriders also helped in preparing the snacks for the kids. We prepared sliced bread paired with mayonnaise and a fruit juice.

But little did we know that in the same room, a feast was prepared as well for all of us riders. Since we all couldn't fit in and help in preparing the supplies and snacks, some went directly and "attacked" the feast. Native peanuts, papayas, bananas, buko juice and other fruits were prepared on the table.

After about 30 minutes, the supplies were all packed and we brought them outside the office, ready to be distributed to the kids.

Yes, we did have slippers because we were told that most of the kids have no slippers in going to school.

We also planned to have a small program before distributing our gifts to the grade one pupils. A few minutes before the program, we took a couple of photos with the kids and interacting with them once in a while. It was fun at the same time.

Our program started with an invocation followed by a flag ceremony. It was followed by welcome speeches from the school principal and the Club's Daddy and major sponsor Noel T. Divinagracia.
Micmic Hernando, the Club's President also made some opening remarks. The remarks were then followed by a series of games. We were able to give away prizes from Php20 to Php100. The kids had so much fun with the games. There was a game for kids who could bring in front themselves with their most deteriorated slippers. 3 of them bagged Php100 each.

There was also a dance contest where the CSC Kids danced in front to show the other kids the dance steps. Judges nearby selected students who were good dancers and placed them in front together with the CSC Kids.

After a couple of fun and games, we distributed the snacks we prepared for the kids. A sandwich and juice. The kids were directed to fall in lines by the Scooperos and the kids graciously followed.

We also provided snacks to the parents as well. They were there since 7:00AM together with their kids.

The games then continued with "bring-me-something" which appeared like the most enjoyed game of the day. There was also a parent who gave us a song number and a talented kid who perform a declamation.

After all the games and the fun, it was time to distribute the school supplies. We had them formed lines and waited for their turns. It was great to see kids looked eager to receive their share. They looked so happy and thankful.

After the school supplies, the slippers were given next. Before we bought all the slippers, we have already asked the teachers to provide us the sizes the kids needed. So there should be no kid who would be given a wrong-sized pair of slippers.

It was almost noontime and it was time to go back to the city. We didn't have lunch at the school because our budget was limited. We then bid goodbye to all the kids as well the thoughtful teachers of Bongdo Elementary School. They have been very gracious in welcoming us.

Thanks to our Sponsors for this event: Our CSC Daddy Noel T. Divinagracia, his good friend and our consistent sponsor Johnson Sy Chiaoco, Lani Sison of Arkiceramika and Brian Ty of Vismotor Corporation. A special thanks goes to Aireen Betua-Retuerto, a teacher of the said school, the one who we coordinated with so that the event would be successful. To all Scooperos who joined and volunteered for this event and of course, this event would be nothing without the kids, parents and teachers of Bongdo Elementary School.

May the Good Lord bless us all always so we can continue organizing this type of event. Until our next outreach program!

Ride Safe! Ride Scoopy! Godspeed!