Monday, January 18, 2016

Indian Motorcycles now in the Philippines

A most beautiful creation!  The Indian Scout.

What a wonderful choice it is!  

Yes, I'm not much of a cruiser fan.  When the other brands came out, yeah, it was alright, they have two wheels, handlebar and I can ride them.  But that's how far it goes when it came to my love for cruisers.  

Until I saw one of the most beautiful creation in the world.  The raging red colored tank of the Scout really got my heart.  It was

Yummy bikes galore!

The official launch was held in Tipsy Pig in Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City.  Select riders were invited to witness the unveiling of three Indian motorcycles, The Scout, the Dark Horse, and the Chief Vintage.

You know it's a party if...
Legendary moves by the legend.
We don't get tipsy. We get sociable. 

One of the first few proud owners of an Indian motorcycle.
Sir Chief!  Get it?  Chief?

They're wearing cowboy outfits!  
The Indian Scout
The Indian Chief Vintage
The Indian Dark Horse
The little Indian head serves as a park light and is a cool touch to the bike.
Media friends who got a glimpse of the wonderful bike
Indian items.  Me likey!
 Now, I'm looking forward to get a hold of loaner unit to review the bike.

Bike Review: What the Indian Scout is all about:

Me likey.

Review soon.