Saturday, February 20, 2016

Adiva AD3 in the BOSS Ironman Motorcycle Challenge 11


The Adiva AD3 in the BOSS Ironman Motorcycle Challenge 11
The awesome Adiva AD3
Ok, I’m still reeling from that one.  More than a day of non-stop riding, yes, more than 24 hours (probably 25.5 hours approximation).  The BOSS Ironman Motorcycle Challenge is an endurance event where riders get to challenge themselves into riding for 1,200 kilometers within 24 hours around the northern part of Luzon.  And me despite finishing more than an hour above the cut off time, it was announced that they’ll still consider those who have cross the finish line, finishers, recognizing their resolve and determination.  (Thank you BOSS!)

T minus 1 Day
I took a leave in the office to get as much rest as possible.  I woke up 11am, woohoo!  I intended to sleep again but couldn’t and decided to go to the office of Motorsiklo News for the bike’s photoshoot.  Bike, motorcycle, motorbike are too much a generic term for my weapon of choice for the BOSS Ironman.  It’s a three-wheeled Italian scooter AD3 manufactured by Adiva.

The center of attention in almost everywhere I go.

Adiva AD3
Besides having three wheels, the AD3 is as unique as it can get. It has an oversized windshield and a canopy.  It made me an instant rockstar!  People would take photos of the bike.  They’d take selfies and even kindly ask me to mount the AD3 which I always gladly oblige.  It was the most photographed bike in the event.  But it’s not only eye-catching, the bike is very capable too, you’ll know as you read on.

With Together We Ride's Ms. Malou Gabriel and Mr. Raymon Gabriel.  Mr. Gabriel is the appointed chairman of this year's BOSS Ironman Motorcycle Challenge.  Kudos!  That was an awesome event!
I arrived at the Quezon Memorial Circle a little bit late as I had to deliver sponsored items from Spyder to the organizers.  I was there at about 8.45pm and people were already scrambling to their bikes, donning helmets and preparing for a long ride.  A quickie interview by Mel Aquino, my fellow host in Motorsiklo News, hellos to the UHAW, the Norminring Group all the way from Mindanao, chat with Mark Chuidian of Wheeltek and other friends, and suddenly almost all the rider left and I was in line ready to rock and roll.  I got approving stares from the crowd and photographers and a little beyond 10pm, I was ready to roll.  A few poses for the cameras and I hit the throttle. Without a group, alone at the back of the pack of a long line of riders and I embarked on a history-making journey around Northern Luzon Loop

I was a Rockstar
Did I not tell you I instantly became a rockstar?  My bike was the most attention-grabbing motorcycle in the pack.  In every checkpoint, the Adiva AD3 never failed to win over fans and they’d take photos of it.  Some would even approach me and ask “Can I have a photo with you?” to which I’d reply “with me?  Or with my bike?” and I’d dismount and let them have photos of it.   Everywhere was the same reaction to my AD3, shock and awe.

I thought I'm tough, but the Adiva AD3 is tougher
Ok so off I went from the Circumferential road waving goodbye to dear friends to flagged me off.  I finished the Ironman before (with a different bike), and I'm driven for an en core.

I was a lone wolf, kept much to myself, just twisted the throttle as much as possible.  The AD3 is a curious bike.  Not it doesn't go fast.  The fastest speed I attained was 120kmh but the bike was already wriggling like crazy at that speed.   The sweet spot is at 100kmh, allowing smooth fast run but with much greater control of the aerodynamics.  When passing cars, I can do 110kph a good compromise between speed and control.

The Adiva AD3 was an unexplored territory.  No one knows about the brand, and most importantly, its capability.  And to be more precise, reliability.  The Ironman not only tests you, but your iron horse as well.  I wasn't anymore surprise that I had no problems whatsoever with the bike.  No broken fairings, no engine failures, not even a screw went loose.  So now, it's safe to say the Adiva is one tough bike.

The finishline seems like a ghosttown.  Almost all got to their respective rooms.   I miss the ruckus of friends who awaited for me in my two previous Ironman participations.
When I was in Claveria, I gassed up in one of the Petron stations there.  When I was about to aboard my bike, I heard a loud thug, and was a bit shocked to see that a fellow Ironman participant on the ground, with his foot stuck in the bike.  He was riding a Yamaha R6 or R1 (sorry I really can't tell the difference between these two).  He squirmed in pain and took us a while to get him off his bike.  I send my snappiest salute to the police officers who snapped into action upon that very moment.  Good thing, their mobile patrol was readily available and we were able to hoist up the rider into it and driven into the nearest hospital.

After that untoward incident, there's nothing pretty much that happened afterwards.  I just listened to the music of my portable speaker hooked to my phone's music list via bluetooth.   Oh yes nothing beats Kenny Rogers, Lionel Ritchie and Barry Manilow to get my blood going. Weird, right?

Lots of good friends joined the event.  Woot!
I knew I was not gonna able to make it in time.  True enough, when I arrived in Baguio, there's no one there, except the good doctor.  Dr. Alex Alcantara was kind enough to endorse me and a fellow late rider to please await us in the next and last checkpoint.  Unfortunately, they weren't there anymore.  I still pushed through for the finish line but unfortunately, just a handful of people were there packing up.

Mayor Bong Edding of Sibuco, along with the Norminring Motorbikes teams came all the way from Mindanao to join this prestigious event.
The next morning, the organizers mentioned that all those who finished the event, regardless of the time it took them, will be considered and given the honor of a finisher of this legendary event.  For that, the TurbanRider is grateful.  It was an aweseome experience, and I'll never tire of joining this every year.  This was the third time I joined and still never failed to make me excited each and every time.

I thank all those who have prayed for my safe return and all the accolades upon my return.  It was heart-warming and humbling.  I also thank my sponsors, without whom, this ride wouldn’t be possible:

Spyder Philippines
Adiva Philippines
Motorsiklo News
JM Mirasol
Together We Ride's Mr. and Mrs. Raymon and Malou Gabriel