Sunday, July 31, 2016

Kinabuan Falls Sta. Ines Finally Off My List

I have been to Sta. Ines hundreds of times.  Ok maybe just a little bit below hundred.  Ok ok, maybe not even in two digits.  But I've been there a couple of times.  But never did I ever go to that rewarding place, the most-sought after by hikers, MTBikers, and dirtbikers alike, the Kinabuan Falls.  Finally, with the company of a fellow crazy friends, I was able to to do it, we all were able to reach the rewarding sight and sound and most prized possession of Sta. Ines.

We were supposed to trek General Nakar, but decided last minute to change the destination to Tanay; it's closer and we will be able to go back home earlier, as I have an speaking engagement.  So we did Tanay.  Initially I just wanted to lead the guys to the town, where we can have coffee and go back.  But I was in the company of fellow crazy adventurers and they all agreed to push through all 18 river crossings to reach destination.

Yep, that's 18 river crossings, one way!

The town of Sta. Ines was just 5 (or 6) river crossings from the main highway, and getting to Kinabuan meant trekking a dozen more.  And that's just one way.  It was still early so yeah, we decided to do it anyway.

On the 15th river crossing, our company felt the exhaustion and decided to take a breather, or a cigarette break.  It was a treacherous rocky road from there to the falls. If someone fell, it's gonna be a painful crash.  Luckily everyone's had enough saddle time in offroading to warrant a successful tread down the rocks.

And then the scenery became greener, the trees, the grass, the shrubbery, all green and easy on the eyes.  We reached the homes of the friendly Dumagats, and we were welcomed to their sanctuary.   We revved our bikes a couple more and we saw a glimpse of her majesty, the Kinabuan Falls.

We did a mini trek through large boulders to reach the dipping area. I waited for noone, I deserved that, I took off my jersey, left my shoes and pants on, and waded through the cool and refreshing reward.  My friends didn't take long either.  They know better than to let up a chance at this wonder place.

It was a little bit after lunch and pangs started to set it. We donned our jersey and rode straight back to town.  It was a little eventful but nothing serious, just a few falls, draining water from a motorcycle, etc, nothing more than usual.  We had our late lunch at Pico de Pino, as fast becoming popular rider's and biker's chow place.

After a hearty meal, we handshook each other goodbye but still rode together down to Antipolo.  It was yet again a successful off-the-list ride for me, and for sure for all of my teammates that day.  Can't wait for the next ride!