Friday, August 12, 2016

Pokemon Go Wishlist and Motorcycle Riding in the Philippines

I often wonder, do creatures with two heads think the same thing at any given time? Say one is hungry, but the other one wants to go to the toilet?

As a marketing guy, I'm always on the constant lookout for trends that may benefit my brand (Spyder helmets of course!). When this Pokemania happened, wanting to know what it's all about, I whipped out my android, went to the Play store, and downloaded the game. It's the most downloaded game by the way.
My geeky  computer gaming days  wete past behind me. Or so I thought.  Never did I play Clash of Clans or any trending android games. Well I do have a crossword game installed, but it's something that I need to keep my edge, and doesn't really count.  Ok, so started playing, just to see how we can take advantage of its ability to drive traffic to our stores. Damn it, I'm hooked!

I say this is the weirdest GPS map I downloaded! No place names!

I never liked Pokémon. I never played any of its games, nor watched any TV episode. But there I was, finding myself donning my hat ala-Ash Ketchum, walking around my neighborhood, looking for virtual monsters. Yes they're monsters however cute you think they are, hence the name Pokémon, a Japanese  portmanteau of pocket and monster.
There's plenty of room for more buttons weeee!
I thought it to my advantage as a motorcycle rider, I can easily hunt them critters. Initially yes. I caught several on my first few kilometers, I hatched two eggs, and visited many pokestops. Yey! I installed a phone clasping gadget that comes with a USB port that I tapped to my electrical wiring. Voila! My Pokémon hunting vehicle!
Oh yeah! I'm floating on water! Sometimes I can even walk at 100 kilometers per hour! I must be Superman! 

But alas! Due to numerous reports of idiots blocking traffic, and accidents, Niantic, the game developer wised up. The update detects if you're traveling at more than 15kmh and will tell you so. Also almost zero pokemons will be seen. Pfffft! There goes my gaming rig.
Dear government, I used to be in favor of that Anti Distracted Driving Law. But because I really want to catch them all, I now realized how senseless it was. Can we have a talk again about this rubbish law?
 (I do hope you know this is a joke, right?) 

It's actually just fair. They wanted us to walk, forcing is to lose some weight, and as far a I wanted to cheat, no I wouldn't be able to.

It's a nice game  admittedly. Despite the simplicity of the game. We do know that we looking forward to that update where we can trade and even battle legendary pokemons. But until then , we can only wait eagerly.

Some wishlist for the game :

1. Offline stuff to do. The amount of people trying to log in all at the same time, there are times we wouldn't be able to. So might as well do something while the servers free up. Such as being able to play a mini games, etc.

2. Meet virtually, see their avatars on the map.

3. Trade via Bluetooth.

4. More customizable avatar! I mean come on, we all look like each other!

5. Place names on the map.

Happy pokemon hunting guys!