Sunday, August 28, 2016

Suzuki Online Custom Raider Contest in MX7

The 4 bike entry owners

For a few months, Suzuki has been conducting monthly online custom Raider contest via their Facebook page. All monthly winners have been invited for the ultimate showdown at the Motorsiklo Xklusibo 7th year anniversary in Tagaytay.

All accepted the challenge but unfortunately one couldn't join, understandably, he's from Mindanao, and yeah we understand the all the hassles of handling a delicate bike, transporting island to island.

I was honored to be one of the judges, and be part of the few to select the BEST customized Raider in the country. It was honor alright, but, having judged other bike contest before, I know it ain't easy.

Along with Mr. Al Camba of Inside Racing, we looked and scrutinized silently all 4 of the most ogling underbones around. Whew as I said, it ain't easy. One of the criteria, couldn't be any more vague: creativity! All for entries just at creative in designing as they could get. But I've got a job to do. Determine which is the best underbone!

After too many minutes spent looking, thinking, visualizing what's done, money spent, creative juices extracted, blood spilled and sleep nights spent by the owners, I finally was able to pick my own winner, scribbled some numbers on the judge's sheet. All are worthy to be called the best, but there's got to be only one. After I passed my scores, I silently hoped I chose what the others chose too, but not because of peer pressure, but the desire for my bet to win as I knew he did put a lot of time and money for all the modifications spent.

And true enough, the winner is entry number one. He got me at his light and sound display. Upon closer inspection, the incredible details of craftsmanship, and the creative concept of the bike, wonderful!

I enjoyed judging people's bikes.

One of this bikes assets is the simple white fairing, against all the shiny things beneath. 

This bike got the best swing arm in the bunch. 

This guy knows, I see pussies, I press like! 

I think many will agree. This is the most eye catching Raider in the country! 

AND the winner of a brand new Suzuki Raider R150 is: