Sunday, September 18, 2016

2016 Honda CBR150R Media Time Trial in BGC

Ok, as I said, it's been a while since this kind of adrenalin enter my bloodstream.  Speed!  

Many of my weekend rides involves grass, sand, mud and just about any dirty things you could think of.  And we do it as cringe-inducing very slow pace.  Hey we're trying to appreciate the scenery!

So, a lot of media peeps wasn't able to make it to the grid. Also, we were somewhat elated (haha sorry for the word), that the soon-to-be-legendary Mel Aquino wouldn't be able to make it!  Oh yes that's one less competitors to think about!  Only, to our dismay, he was replaced by another fierce rider who got even more famous after he battled it our with Romer Corbe with one of the most intriguing, exciting, and most illegal (whew), drag race that happend in MaRiLaQue, Mr. Mickey Mazo.  Yep, what an odd we were up against.

So, along with TurbanRider correspondents Meng Sevilla and AJ Lim, yours truly found himself donning, a helmet, elbow and knee pads and a long-sleeved borrowed from the Mad Rider.   I was in the grid!

There were 10 of us from different media outfits:  And here are the results according to time recorded:

TR Correspondents Meng Sevilla, Telly Buhay and AJ Lim.
Podium Finishers:
1. Mickey Mazo (Motorsiklo News) - Champion
2. Jimmy Go (Ride and Drive) - 2nd place
3. Meng Sevilla (yey!) (TurbanRider) - 3rd place
4. AJ Lim (Turbanrider)
5. Emman Balmes (Mo2rista)
6. Philip Bonza (Inside Racing)
7. Telly Buhay (TurbanRider)
8. Paulo de Leon (Ride and Drive)
9. Inigo Roces (Manila Bulletin)
10. Ricci Abrina (Maximum Torque)

Ah!  My dirt riding fellows!  Team WEBE!
As for the bike that we used, the new 2016 Honda CBR150R.  From the short moment I had with the bike, here's 1 list of 10 things I can say about the bike:

1. Looks is devilishly handsome.  I like this one better than the older model.
2. Cool looking headlight design.
3. Easy to decipher instrumentation  panel, and doesn't get in the way of my vision when riding.
4. Handling is superb!
5. Wonderful flickability, good for gymkhana course.
6. Riding position effective for better control of the bike.
7. Speed is ok, have to do a side by side comparison with the older model.
8. Torque is commendable.
9. Braking, oh yeah!
10. If i'm going to get an entry-level sportsbike, this is what I'll get.

Kudos Honda for bring in the best bikes here in the country!