Thursday, September 1, 2016

Flat Track Day 2

Team #WEBE.  8 Honda bikes on the grid for the first to finish 6 oval laps of pure dirt, at the Flat Track Day 2, in MX Messiag Fairgrounds, Taytay.  They have their own category and the winner received a brand-spanking new Spyder helmet.

It was a dirty, filthy, yummy, happy, fun event!  The amount of people who participated, sponsored and witnessed the event is a good indication that the community is growing and that the love for dual-sports bike is rising here in Luzon.  

Flat Track Day 2 is an event where all walks of riders, from scooter users, to custom bikes, and of course enduro riders compete for supremacy around the oval dirt track.  It was mainly supposedly a fun-event but don't ever think for a moment, despite the amount of fun the rider is in for, this is still a competition.  A 6-lap run can go very quickly, in as little as a few minutes, but that few minutes can give any rider an adrenaline rush.  Yes it's a fun race, but a race nonetheless.

Minibike champion June Apostadero
Categories include: Minibikes, Yamaha XTZ, Open and Local enduro, Yamaha PW50 girls and boys, Scooter, Underbone and the Spyder Fun Race category which consisted of mainly Honda XR bikes and the winners get to go home with a brand new Spyder helmet.

The event was headed by Mel Aquino, a former racer, on and off track, who now dedicates his time to hosting, and teaching motorcycle classes privately.

Getting ready to rock and roll!
The good thing, the weather cooperated and it was a thrilling event.  The enduro class has been dominated by the father and son tandem of Glenn and Mclean Aguilar as #1 and #2 on the podium.  The minibike class champ is by the Skygo Pony user June Apostadero.  And the winner of Spyder helmet for the Spyder fun race is Roderick delos Reyes.

The Flat Track Day 2 because of the clamor of having more of this kind of events.  Started by Michael Eijan Santos of Cafe Racer Philippines with the Keep It Dirty event, followed by the Flat Track Day.  Rest assured, because of the insistent riders demand, there'll be more to come.   It may even become a series.


I lend a stock Honda XR150L to Charles Wheeler, who has been a veteran motorcyclists.   He said it's been years since he last competed in any competition.  Despite the stock power, stock dual tires,  he didn't make any excuses and just throttled his way around the track.  After getting to know the bike after a couple of rounds and a dip in the mud, he managed to get through the first heat beating other participants.  Not bad Charles!

A good indication that the community is growing.

Honda represent!

Future lady racers!

One and two, Glenn and Mclean Aguilar.

Charles Wheeler!

Michael Eijan Santos, the man behind the Keep It Dirty

It's a family day

Winner of the Spyder helmet, Roderick delos Reyes.