Thursday, September 29, 2016

Honda Rolls Off 5 Million(th) Motorcycle - XRM 125

The Mighty XRM-125!
Honda, the leading motorcycle brand in the country, recently rolled off their 5 millionth motorcycle from the plant.  It was the mighty XRM125, the most popular underbone in the Philippines.  

It was one momentous occasion, as they showcased the symbolic bikes including the 1, 2 ,3 and 4 millionth bikes, stating Honda's claim to being the number 1 brand of choice of the Filipinos.  Almost all of the bikes are XRMs except the 4 millionth which was a TMX, also an ever-reliable, bullet-proof business model bike of Honda.

The celebration included a tour of the plant, where they showed they are capable of producing more than half a million motorcycles in a year.  As of recent, they seem to be reaching their millionth bike every 3 years, and by the way things are going, Mr. Daiki Mihara, the energetic president of Honda Philippines, Inc, is confident that it it very possible to reach the next millionth in 2 years.

This was the first time they held a celebration of their millionth unit.  Previously, reaching the milestone went silently without any fuzz.  Now, it seemed only fitting for a celebratory event to recognize Honda presence in the community and in the industry, of their commitment to the people of producing quality bikes for us to use.

Congratulations Honda Philippines, Inc!   Looking forward to the next millionth!