Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ropali Classics Year 2 Celebration

The new apparel lineup from Ropali Classics.  You ain'ta biker if you ain't got one of these.
Has it just been only 1 year? Seems like we've been doing the Thursday tambay for a lot longer than that! Well anyways, as master pinstriper Mr. Aldrin Anderson said, it was soft-launched for maybe more than a year, thus explains the weirdness.

It's been announced that SWM Motorcycles will be coming in!  Mama Mia!
As per Mr. Aldous Alingog, we are in for a lot of surprises in the coming days. One of them is the bringing in of new brands to the Ropali lineup. One of them, an Italian brand, the SWM, oh man! Also, not giving any more details, is the coming of Ropali Classics brand. Hmmm, this had us curious!

Mel Aquino interviewing the newest brand ambassador of Ropali, BJ Palanca
Also, Ropali guys themselves modeled the new lineup of fashion shirts from Ropali, which will be available at the store. Witty motorcycle statements on shirts, we gotta have at least one of those.
Bernard BJ Palanca is now one of the official brand ambassador of Ropali! And if you want to see him just being one of the throttle-twisting guys, just visit Ropali Classics every Thursday night. Of course we also get to feast our eyes on those yummy classics parked at the front.

This guy got the reggae moves, trust me, you have just got to see them perform in person!
It was a night of fun as the event was hosted by a good friend, Mel Aquino. Sizzling performances by the Dazzling Dolls, and of course, hemp hemp hooray for the ultracool music of the Chong-keys, which had us bobbing heads and tap-druming tables.

Pong Ylagan of Ylagan Kustom serenaded by one of the Dazzling Dolls.  Oh yeah!
Congratulations Ropali for bringing in the classic motorcycle fans together and giving them home. Looking forward to year 3 oh and of course, the Partakan Festival!

Dazzling Dolls!