Thursday, September 1, 2016

Skygo IBP Summit And The New Skygo Pony Z150

When I first saw it, it got me intrigued. A minibike! Actually lately I've been seeing a lot of it. Are minibikes the in thing now? It may take a while before it becomes a mainstream but Skygo is definitely on the right track. I think it's safe to say they own the niche and intends to further strengthen their position with their newest offering of the minibike, the Skygo Pony Z 150, launched at the 2nd Independent Business Partners Summit in Mandaue, Cebu.

Independent Business Summit
With whooping 10,000-strong sales people, Skygo is the biggest sales force in all the motorcycle industry. This business model aims to boost the symbiotic growth of the two entities, Skygo, as the provider of business opportunity, and the IBP, as the driving force of the brand.

The summit invited the top-performing sales people from all around the archipaelago, and flew them to Cebu. They were toured around the island and given the royal treatment, as a giveback for their performance and dedication to the brand.

Skygo top sellers of the country.

Skygo - The Best For You
The brand has not only been dedicated to quantity, but of quality.  As per Mr. David Ian King, Skygo has been very vigilant about the quality of each parts of the motorcycle before they release it to the public.  He believes in having the end consumers' satisfaction of quality.  Skygo is very keen of suppliers and wouldn't have a go if they deem the quality is substandard.  This mindset is only fitting of their newest marketing battlecry, Skygo - The Best For You.

The Skygo Pony Z 150
The Skygo Pony has been known for having a displacement of 100cc, which is deemed more than enough for city commute.  The new Pony will sport a 150cc engine, a large leap from the 100cc.  Everybody's eyes were on them when they unveiled the 2 new Ponys in different colors.  We were told that the SRP would be about double of the 100cc variant.  Understably, the Z150 has bigger displacement meaning more oomp every twist of the throttle.  Oh and a much appreciated front and rear disc brake, compensating the stopping power of such displacement.  Digital instrumentation panel is a big yes also, and the LED lights that adorned the panels of the Pony Z150.

Skygo President Mr. David Ian King addresses the IBP.
Delegates were gifted with a shirt and a wonderful jacket inside this bag.  Thanks Skygo!

Mr. David Ian King, the president of Skygo Marketing Corporation. 

Skygo top sellers were treated to a night of fun at the Glass Pavillion of Chateau by the Sea.

A room with a view.
A night of music and entertainment.

It was a fun-filled night, where the people who did hardwork for the brand were well-rewarded for their effort and loyalty, through incentives.  It was the first time I peeked into what Skygo was all about and I must say, their strategy, their partnerships with the IBP and their dedication to quality got me interested.  I've long been wanting to try a Pony and hopefully a demo unit be available for us to test drive the minibike.