Thursday, September 29, 2016

Yamaha TFX-150 AKA M-SLAZ in the Philippines

Yummy Yammie!
And it's officially out!  The much buzzed-about in the motorcycle community about Yamaha newest offering is finally out.  The TFX-150 or more popularly known as the M-Slaz.   September 24, at the Grand Music Hall of SM Mall of Asia, we first personally got a glimpse of the TFX-150.  One word... beautiful!

Ok, sorry I just have no other words I can think of the moment.  But definitely, the TFX-150 is yet, one of the most ogle-inducing bikes I've seen released in the public lately.

Features that we'd all love to see on our bikes are on the TFX-150.  Rear discbrake, digital intrumentation panel, fuel-injected engine, upside-down forks, oh man!
Gymkhana Champion?  Who else, it's Mel Aquino!
As for an early Christmas bonus, riders and media got a chance to try and test the TFX-150 and even compete in the Gymkhana.  Oh and of course, coach Mel Aquino won the event.

We are really looking forward to get a TFX-150 for ourselves, we heard it has one of the best motorcycle handling around, and capability to attack sharp corners, thus they held a Gymkhana.  We'd like to see it perform in the real world; traffic, long-distance riding, etc.

Congratulations Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. for bringing yet again one of the best bikes in the world here.

SRP: P139,000.00

 More photos:

The event poster!