Friday, October 14, 2016

Honda Gen-S Pride Ride - Luzon Leg Caliraya

Like an anuual vow or pilgrimage, I never miss out a chance to attend the Honda Carafun.  It's one of the happiest events I always involve myself into.  And yes I have been attending it for many years now.  This year, unfortunately, I was stricken with an ailment that rendered me tired and just decided to rest the day off.  So, I let one of our Turbanrider correspondents experience what a Honda camaraderie is all about.

Again, the Carafun, or as they re-named it, the Honda Gen-S Pride Ride was attended by selected hundreds of riders.  Only 5 members per Honda Club was privileged enough to join the event, and an even more limited slot for the media, and luckily, we are one of them.  Such exclusivity but with still the numbers.  I was told HPI had to limit it so as not to overcrowd the event.

The riders all started in the Honda Philippines Inc plant in Batangas, where, as tradition, they recited the "oath".  After all the morning preparation rituals, the riders headed off to the scenic Caliraya.  Fortunately, the quickie ride was uneventful, considering.

It was a short ride, but a fun-filled one.  Many have taken their time to bond with other riders, through softdrink breaks and gas stops.  But the fun really started the moment they entered the venue.

The day through the night was filled with endless entertainment, with bands serenading the riders, fun games that were enjoyed by the participants and audience alike, and of course, the raffles!

Mr. Daiki Mihara, the young and active president of Honda Philippines, Inc, said that these events are their way of showing gratitude to the loyal Honda users, that that loyalty is being treasured by Honda the most.  It is their way of letting the riders know that they are important and should pride themselves as part of the Honda family.

A good socialization beverages were served for the riders' bonding moments and story-sharing.  And of course a good camp ride is no good without a good campfire.

The next day, after a hearty breakfast and stories of the night before, the riders were flagged off to their homes, filled with yet another fulfilling experience, thanks to Honda.  We are already looking forward to the next Gen-S Pride Ride!