Sunday, October 23, 2016

KTM - Wheeltek Now Open in Buendia Makati

Orange you glad KTM in Wheeltek Buendia finally opened up?  

Ok just bear with the pun, or not, but yey finally, the orange bikes are finally in display in Wheeltek Buendia! After months of ogling at the citsrus-y marquee, it's really here and open for every one to enjoy.

The night started with the blessing of the new store, and of course a fine dinner for the guests, which comprised of mostly premium bike lovers.  And of course no social event is complete without a few social drink to celebrate the event, and a siren and her guitarist to serenade us.  

Lot's of lucky raffle winners, winning Lechon City GCs, Overdose items, ZIC oils, Pirelli caps and to cap the night, 2 Spyder helmets.

It was yet another milestone for Wheeltek, bringing in another premium brand to its stable.  

Congratulations KTM, Wheeltek and ACPI (of Ayala Group of Companies).