Sunday, October 23, 2016

P.Inked in Palacio de Manila

Many will say motorcycles and tattoos go hand in hand. So I wasn't surprised to see a lot of biker friends in the P.Inked event.  
Firstly, one of the co-hosts was a good friend, Mark "Titan Hawk" Cruz, of Motorsiklo News Talkshow, in which I was once a host too.  Also, Mel Aquino was there.  Ratski and Borj of Travel Concierge were there with a very interesting offer, and I have got to make a blog entry for that.

Aside from the artists who wield tattoo guns, minstrels filled the ambience of the Palacio de Manila, much to the musical delight of everyone.

Upon closer leering, one could see what artistry tattooing is all about.  The level of details put in the human canvass in just awe-inspiring.  I've always wanted to get myself tatted, but opportunity evades me. I once trekked the treacherous sloping side of the mountain to get to the most famous (and the only one still alive) mambabatok (traditional charcoal tattoo) Apo Whang Od.  But she didn't have the energy she once had, she's nearing centenarian and unfortunately, I decided to let Apo Whang Od rest after doing several tattoo.  I intend to go back there again.

In P.inked, it's like visiting a museum, but instead of a finish product, we get to see the tat wizards in action.

Congratulations to the organizers of this wonderful event and looking forward to the next tat sesh!