Sunday, November 20, 2016

Candy Cup 2 at the MMF

We all remember Ms. Candy.

I can exactly remember when I first met her.  I can't remember the date, I can't remember the event (if it was an event at all), It was like meeting again for the first time an old classmate, she was just there all along.  Until we started to converse about motorcycles, oh yes I could go on and on, when it comes to the old 2-wheeler.  I didn't know she was the wife or Mr. Bobby Orbe.  Or the mom of racers Patrick and Jacob Orbe. I just fondly call her Ms. Candy.

She was a staple in the motorcycle scenes.  I remember her always busy, always doing something.  In fact, I can't seem to recall a seated conversation with her.  She's always on the go.  I shouldn't be surprises, her family, is one of the foremost families in the motorcycling industry and community.  They are the Orbe family.

You are being missed Ms. Candy!
I remember the day we all received the bad news.  It was a gloomy day.  Everyone was in a state of disbelief of her untimely demise.  It took a while for me too for the realization to set it.  I called a lot of friends for confirmation.  No, at that time I was too afraid to call Mr. Bobby Orbe himself.

Today is the third year we are missing the cheerful smile of the ultimate moto-mom.  Her energetic conversations and her fiery resolve we all came to love about her.  The Candy Cup and Candy Ride is a celebration of the motocross' one big happy family's way of honoring the Orbe Matriarch.  So glad to see old familiar names in the motorcycle such as Saulog, Jao and much more.