Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Dirty Business - Business Class Trail Ride

*insert but why gif here
One of my personal advocacy revolves around dirtbikes.  I want to get more people into riding offroad to experience a different kind of wonder, and also, the appreciation of the people and culture not immediately found in the Metro.

Oh an invitation for a monkey business.  Let's go!
Also, we'd like to let people know how easy it is to ride a dirtbike, get off the road.  It's so fun and easy, we even do it in our business suit!

Oh yes, to demonstrate me and the Team WEBE will be doing a trail ride in our business suit.  We will dress to impress and do best to arrive to our destination still looking slick.  Ei, this is no monkey business, we are really out to show you how to ride in style.

Due to the amount of requests to join, we will be having a part two of this!