Monday, November 21, 2016

First blog, first blood; the Suzuki Fi Revolution Club's First Solo North Relief Ride

Before take off with the good people of
Protech Philippines 
      Most often times, we riders are portrayed by some media as bad people, law breakers and worse, hired killers riding in tandem leaving the general public with bad impressions riding towards the whole community. Little did they know, there is more to us than what some media portray us to be.

     A good example would be these riders who rode a total of 984kms back and forth with the primary goal of extending help to our fellow country men who were recently devastated by the typhoon Lawin last third week of October 2016.
      I was blessed enough to join this contingency that was composed of 15 motorcycles and three cars. We've rallied all the participants and Shell Balintawak by Monday, November 18, 9:30 pm and took off at exactly 12 midnight of November 19th.

       All three cars that carried the relief goods (me driving one) took the express way while all the riders traversed via MacArthur Highway. We arrived at the first rendezvous point in Petron Gerona Tarlac Mc Arthur at around 2am, hours earlier than the riders. We tried to take a rest as most of us came straight from our works and offices while we are waiting for the riders to arrive. We've waited for around three and a half hours til the riders came whom we learned to have experienced minor problems with some bikes that caused them the delay. The riders took a little bathroom break to ease the call of nature and stretched for a bit, then we immediately headed back on the road reaching our next stop over in San Fernando La Union where we had a quick lunch. Right after, we went straight to the province of Ilocos Sur stopping

once in awhile for more bathroom breaks and stretchings (it is important to stretch every 2hours in a long drive) reaching our final destination Brgy Binacud sinait arround 4pm
in the afternoon Saturday November 19 more than six hours later than the estimated time of arrival, which is 9 to 10am in the morning. Shortly after, the riders finally arrived. It took us longer to get there way more than the usual 8hrs travel to Ilocos due to some minor glitches and waitings we encountered along the way but as the saying goes, it is better late than never and it is better safe than sorry. Every one arrived tired but safe and sound thanks to Monster energy drinks we took before the take off it kept us all awake and alert within the whole journey for more than 16 hours on the road.
       We were surprised by the number of people waiting for us in a dilapidated basketball court that was ripped by the typhoon Lawin showing us the warm welcome and hospitality Filipinos are known for. Immediately, we started the program by having a short background about the group, the Suzuki Fi Club Revolution how it started and it's advocacies. After the club admins gave their short messages, we proceeded on the handing out relief packs to the beneficiaries.
Residents and beneficiaries of Brgy Binacud
Sinair, Ilocos Sur
The very welcoming senior citizens of Binacud
Yours truly giving a little speech
         With these kinds of events, good works and charity rides that many riders club organize, it shows and proves that not all riders are bad as what most people thought we are. Like any other group of people, a community, be it political, religious or private some are good and some are bad. We maybe are "bad asses" but it does not necessarily mean that we are bad people.



       This event wouldn't be possible if not for the personalities and companies who tried to extend and give that extra step on helping our fellow countrymen whom unfortunately were not able to be reached by the government. I would like to take this opportunity to thank  first, God for keeping everyone safe also Monster Energy Philippines for the Monster Energy drinks that kept us alert and awake, Suzuki Philippines Inc. for the support, Team Protech Philippines for the assistance, Turbanrider our media partner, Top Art for our prints, friends and family for their moral support and of course the Suzuki Fi Revolution Club members for their hard work, time and donations, good job guys! Lastly we would also like to thank the people of Binacud sinait for the warm welcome that relieved all the body aches and tiredness we felt added after a long adventurous ride. Thank you!

The Sponsors 

"It is not that we have plenty, it is because we know exactly how it feels like to have nothing"