Monday, November 7, 2016

Honda Convention Visayas Leg 2016

Foregrounding the riders is the all-new Honda CBR150R.  Honda Philippines, Inc. president Mr. Daiki Mihara, and assistant vice-president for customer service operations Mr. Tomoaki Watanabe took the opportunity to get upclose and personal with the riders for a photoshoot.
A thousand-strong Honda riders gather up at the Hoops Dome in Lapu-lapu City in Cebu to join the festivities of the Honda Convention Visayas leg.  This is in response to the clamor of the people of one of the most historic places in the country to have their own Riders' Convention.  And Honda obliges.

Officially starting the event, was the presence of Koko Tadachi, one of the youngest and fiercest motorcycle rider in the land today, who is a podium-finisher in the 2016 Asia Dream Cup.  A little inspiration talk to get the riders pumped up for the day ahead.

Everybody's hopeful for that Repsol livery Honda RS 150.
Mr. Daiki Mihara, the young and dream-inspired president of Honda Philippines, Inc, also thanked the riders for being faithful to the brand.   This convention is to a dedication to them and a way of showing how Honda acknowledges, values and cares for its fans. So expect more of this events in the future and in other places.  Along with Honda Philippines’ assistant vice-president for customer service operations Mr. Tomoaki Watanabe, the two top executives of Honda gamely did photo sessions with all the riders.

Gen-S Honda motorcycles such as the Beat, Click and Zoomer were available for the riders to test ride how awesome Honda bikes are, at a cone-laden track specially set up for the event.

Parokya ni Edgar's Chito Miranda (right) and Vinci Montaner (left) rocked the room with their hits and promotion of the new album Pogi Years Old.
The riders feasted together at the dome to celebrate not only the event but the camaraderie of being bike brothers.  All the while music from the band played entertaining the riders.  Besides music and food, premium items from sponsors were raffled off to the lucky winners.

An array of eye-candy pumped and pimped 2-wheeled bikes were lined up all for everyone to see and enjoy and tickle one's imagination how much moolah were spent setting up such a sweet ride.

Mr. Daiki Mihara (right), HPI's president is also a rider and will gamely chat with you about riding.  He's fond of the new Honda CBR150R and likes its handling and overall performance.  Mr. Mr. Tomoaki Watanabe (left) is now in charge of clubs and racing and we expect to see more of Honda in the racertracks in the upcoming days ahead.
As for the penultimate event, the "pambansang banda ng Pilipinas", the wacky quintet (shame one of them is unavailable) of Parokya ni Edgar performed on a maximum level wooing the riders with crowd favorites Picha Pie, Bagsakan  (yes a 3-in-1 performance by Chito Miranda covering for the voices of Francis M and Gloc9) and a lot more.  Vinci much to the crowd's delight was present despite leaving the group 4 times.

Always a fun sight to see a sea of Honda motorcycles.  
And lastly, everyone has been anticipating the showstopper, showender, raffling of one brand spanking new, Honda RS 150, arguably the fastest underbone in the world with 150cc fuel-injected engine.  It is one of the most coveted bike in the country since its release.  It also goes by the legendary name (and feared in the drag racing world), Sonic.  Yes one lucky rider got to take it home with him (don't know how but Im sure he has his ways).

It was an awesome event, were everyone gets to meet everyone else who is a solid Honda fanatic.  We are already looking forward to the next year's Visayas leg and of course, not before the Mindanao leg.

Congratulations Honda Philippines, Inc. for the successful event Honda Convention Visayas Leg!