Friday, November 18, 2016

Scrambler Ducati Full Throttle

Such elegance.  Much wow.
First things first.  This is not a Ducati.  Well, not technically.  The official brand name is Scrambler Ducati.  Yes, it's supposedly a different brand from Ducati itself, which is the same brand.  Confused yet?

A little history, Scrambler was intended to be sold in the American market from 1962 to 1974.  Something came up (my usual utterance whenever I get invited and to birthday parties, weddings and occasional satanic rituals), they stopped production.  Fast forward to 2015, the Scrambler Ducati was re-launched, with a motorcycle design imagined as it would be had it never stopped production.

But let's not further dwell on all the branding and marketing and highly technical aspects.  Let's get to appreciate the bike now.

Clean, elegant, legible digital instrumentation panel all packed in a single casing.  And the best thing, it doesn't hinder the forward view.  More front and center viewing enjoyment.

Firstly, what do you actually  get when you buy a Scrambler Ducati?  Pirelli, Zadi, Termignoni, Kayaba and Brembo.  All the best brands integrated into the bike.  You don't get any more premium than that!   This bike is oozing with superiority.

As a dual-sports guy, the tires are perfect!  Dual-sport Pirelli MT 06 RS provides lots of traction on and off road.  I usually don't lean much when on a bike, much more on a premium bike, but one's confidence will only grow stronger leaning the bike more and more each time.   Even on damp and wet roads, I couldn't seem to trip the bike over.  A little mud, sand and soil?  No problemo.  Pirelli tires do their job of gripping the road wonderfully.  The tread pattern are optimized for riding in wet conditions also.  The tire widths are sized right for maximum steering control.  So, traction is superb!

Zadi, in case your're wondering also makes key systems for other brands.  You'll see the name in the ignition keyhole of the Scrambler Ducati.

There are other models of the Scrambler Ducati, but this one's packed with a little more punch.  It's got a pre-installed Termignoni double exhaust system.   And as an added bonus, you'll be treated to a nice symphony of sound emanating from the 803cc engine through the dual Termi pipe.  The aesthetics of two pipes doesn't hurt the eyes either.  And just to let you know, The Scrambler Ducati is Euro 4 compliant with catalytic converter hidden somewhere underneath.

Of the Scrambler Ducati models, only the Full Throttle comes with a stock Termignoni dual exhausts.  How wonderful does that sound?

I just love the suspension!  Again, coming in from a dual-sports guy, the Kayaba front upside-down suspension gives a decent 150mm travel allowing a little humps and bumps go unnoticed.  The rear Kayaba suspension allows for as much comfort as possible without compromising grip.

This bike is a dual-sports, giving more prejudice to the on-side than the off-side, I'd say a ratio of 70-30.  On road, the Full Throttle does just that: It can go full throttle without worries of overrevving or even power wheelie-ing the bike.  With the bike's weight of 170 kilograms (dry, full weight 186kgs), which I will honestly say light enough, capable of doing light trails.  Seat height 790mm, just enough for my build 5'7" with a lot of tummy.  Even with the sporty seat, backriding is not a problem.  Well it is, if your passenger wants to be the operator.  Nope!  This is my precious.

True to being a scrambler, I love the riding position!  Upright enough and with large seat for ultra comfort riding.  The wide handlebar allows full control and minute steering adjustments at low speeds, and still sturdy handling at higher speeds.  Standing up on a bike is a cinch and will still give you good control of it, and doesn't look or feel awkward.

The tire combo of 17-18 rear and front is just perfect!  Sized just right enough to roll on stuff, and maintain roadiness.   This is a good ratio for a true cross road bike.

Going out for a coffee?  Prepare yourself for a barrage of whoas and aaahhhs from multidude of adoring fans who happened to direct their gaze at the two-wheeled creation of art.  

Don't be fooled by the billing of a beginner's/lifestyle bike.  This Scrambler Ducati has exactly 803cc air-cooled, fuel-injected, L-Twin Cylinder, Desmodromic (whew) engine.  With 6 speeds and a 75 horsepower @ 8250 rpm and very torque with 50 lb-ft @ 5750 rpm.  I can't even honestly say this is a mid-range bike.  You want decent subtle power, this is for you.

All that power has got to be complimented by an equally powerful braking system.  A front Brembo 4-caliper piston brake with ABS is more than enough to stop a fast bike, and a little more reserved brakes at the back in case you really need to stop fast.

Oh and one much welcome feature, is a USB socket underneath the seat.

All in all, the Scrambler Ducati is one mighty fine machine.  Though marketed as an entry-level bike, I honestly think even seasoned riders will enjoy the decent power and even the allure of a more subtle Ducati.  This is one lifestyle bike you just got to have in your garage.   And of course, more Scrambler Ducati accessories and apparels are available at Ducati Manila (Katipunan) to feed your inner Ducatista spirit.

In all honesty, given a chance, I'd get this bike.  But not just for weekend riding. The bike's maneuverability and capability to snake through tight traffic makes the Scrambler Ducati a very capable daily commuter.  It's affordable enough, but not cheap.  It's priced just right to maintain exclusivity and premiumness.

All in one ignition keyhole function

Although this bike doesn't look it, the Scrambler Ducati has a powerful 803cc desmodromic engine with 75 horsepower.  Though being marketed as a beginner's bike, any experienced rider's skirt will be blown with this bike's performance.

Pirelli MT 60 RS dual sports tires.  My kind of tiress.

"Deep black" color 13.5 liter capacity fuel tank.  One full tank will yield you more or less 260 kilometers.

This is the 400cc Scrambler Ducati Sixty2. 

The power of the Scrambler Ducati Full Throttle can only be truly appreciated in long straight clear roads.  I'm not going to say that I broke the law of something, but let's just say,  I've had exhilaration I haven't felt for a long time.  

The Scrambler Ducati is the most affordable Ducati.  But don't let that statement fool you.  Despite the affordability (relative), you still get the premiumness you'll get from any other Ducati bikes.  For pricing and inquiry, please go their website and FB page:

Thank you Ducati Philippines and Access Plus for letting me become a rockstar for a day again.