Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Suzuki Live Dealers Convention and launching of Suzuki Burgman 200

You don't get to see a president of a world-renowned brand of cars and motorcycles, sing and dance with an entourage of sexy dancers get hang up and glide his way to the other side of the venue to top the performance.  Mr Hiroshi Suzuki, president of Suzuki Philippines, Inc has just given the people a show to remember at the Suzuki Dealers' Convention dubbed Suzuki Live! at the Conrad Hotel in Pasay City.

"Idol ko na si Mr. Hiroshi", exclaimed a fellow media friend Gilbert Chao of Wheels.  And he wasn't the only one to bear the sentiment.  I think a lot of people now look up (yey pun) to the energetic and friendly president of Suzuki Philippines Inc.

The night was a black and white event, (meaning coat and tie, which I don't own one, and don't think I'm gonna have one and gonna need one).  Such a refreshing sight to see our fellow media friends in their black tie optional garb and who wouldn't forget the wonderful and beautiful ladies of Suzuki (I'm not talking about the hired models), which was truly a cinderella moment as we witnessed them in black dress, all beauty.   My long-time friend Maynard Marcelo of C! Magazine said he had to squint and blink twice as he didn't recognize Gents Castillo in her hair and makeup, who was usually seen dealing with people in the after sales service department of Suzuki.

The most anticipated moment, was the official release of the Suzuki Burgman 200.  Oh yeah 200cc fuel-injected scooter with ABS disc brakes.  Lotsa compartment space and ultra comfortable seat (and I have yet to butt-test it).  It comes with a windscreen!  This scooter, I can't wait to get myhands on.

Also launched is the new color theme of the Suzui Raider R150i, which is matte gray.  A bit of disappointment in a lot of riders' heart when they learned that the FI version will not be released yet.  But I have a feeling it's gonna be here soon.

One of the highlights of the event, was the recognition of Mr. Reynaldo Odulio, the patriarch of the Odulio family and founder and CEO of Wheeltek Motor Sales Corporation.  It was moments like those that I always listen to and find inspiration to the people who are made.  It was his birthday and he entertained our wish to impart us a knowledge which will served as inspiration to us all. Wheeltek started with 3 Suzuki Motorcycles, and worked their way up to be one of the top corporations in the country.  They are the top 4 Suzuki motorcycle dealer.

The night was young when the festivities ended.  We had a good few glasses of beer for some night cap.