Tuesday, November 8, 2016

TireCare Sealant - Magical Solution to Flat Tires

This will be put to the test!
Ok.  Someone or some product is claiming to make our flat woes disappear, as if magically.  TireCare Sealant is supposed to 100% maximum level to guarantee no more flat tires forever. Or as long as the tire's lifespan or the tire puncture is less than 8 mm, for motorcyces, but bigger for cars and truck.  And it's equally effective on both Tubed or tubeless tires.

Challenge accepted. Me and my group Team WEBE love challenges. We are known not to back down from long distances, steep mountains, slippery terrains, muddied roads and watery (yes there are dry rivers, look it up) river-crossings.

3 finishers out of 5.  Not bad.
We have been contacted to try and install TireCare sealant on our tires.  Just in time for a long-distance endurance event, KRCP Road Rally, which will take us to 1000 kilometer travel all across the CaLaBaRZon area.   The 5 of us, Me, Meng Sevilla, AJ Lim, Gerico Baronda and Roderick delos Reyes, aboard our Honda dual-sports bikes had our front and rear tires installed with TireCare.  And we hoped, sincerely, to get us a flat tire, so as we can know if the claim is true.

TireCare installation was a snap.  The package comes with everything that you need (except inflating back the tire.  But they also have the emergency repair kit which includes the tire inflator).  Just use the tire valve remover and insert the see-through tube in it.  On the other end of the tube, insert the TireCare plastic bottle and squeeze (yes squeezable bottle).  Getting the formula inside the tire is easy and not messy.
Installation is a cinch. No mess, no hassle, no worries. All done in a few minutes. Pictured here is the emergency repair kit which includes the tire inflator which can be connected via cigarette light socket, easily installed on a bike.
Ok, we were set.  Off we went from the flagoff to the first checkpoint.  Nope, no flat tires.  Then to the second checkpoint.  Again, disappoingly no flat tires.  Unfortunate at this time, Meng and I had business to take care of and we headed back home via Talisay Batangas.  Our ridemates were still riding straight to Bicol and back.

When we all went back home, much to our dismay, noone had a flat tire. Let me reword, no punctures.  I mean come on, among 10,000  (1000 kilometers x 5 riders x 2 tires) kilometers of a day's  travel and no eventualities?


2 weeks after the event, still no punctures. Not one.


Ah finally!, when AJ Lim and Gerico Baronda went up to Baguio, AJ finally got his rear tire punctured.  He noticed the nail stuck when he had his bike washed.  There it was, the moment of truth.  He had it filmed as he gently removed it to see if it the claim was true.  Everybody looked in excitely and watched in anticipation of TireCare would really do the job.

An ebbing hissing sound was heard and poof just like that, hissing no more.   A little air escaped but much to our delight, the punture wound healed immediately right up.  Hooray!

Ok, that's still just one rider.  I myself have yet to see a sticker nail head on my CRF's tires.  I want to update you about this product.


2 months, nope, no puncture wounds.

I just love the squeezable bottle!

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Enjoy life.