Saturday, November 26, 2016

Tirecare sealant personal experience

TireCare is World's 1st First Permanent Sealant for Passenger Vehicles.
Preventive and Repair Sealant for Bicycles, Motorcycles, Truck and bus. That's  what they are claiming, i think they saw my face with a doubt so they gave me a free trial with  my honda XR150. Well it's free so why not give it a try. I remember when we joined the KRCP road challenge months ago we were all set back then, there is only one thing that would stop or shall i say delay our time to the finish line and that would be a flat tire. The most common cons of motorcycle equipped with rims. So when Mr Paul Santos and his sons installed tirecare sealant to our bikes i myself was not sure if  tirecare sealant would work. We finished the challenge with no flat tire, despite the wet and rough road conditions  we got so lucky we didnt hit some nails or anything that will test the procduct. so we are all curious and   The question remained will it work? Will it help riders from flat tires? Days passed by my old friends plan a long ride trip, It was a memorable one. My friends saw a nail poked in my tires. I was hesitant to remove the nail, scared that the tirecare sealant won't work. I was teased to remove the nail for them to see if the tirecare sealant  will work. I removed the nail and heard a loud pisssing sound, all i said was, ("patay na ako"!) im dead. 3-5 secs after we heard no sound at all. Tada! It worked, i was surprised to what happen. All of them was amazed with this incredible product. Now im recommending this to all my friends who ride.. thank you very much tirecare sealant! The product  is simply amazing! To sha! Anya