Friday, December 16, 2016

BOSS Ironman 2017 Briefing

Ironman Briefing.  Most important part is the route.   Looks like an exciting route for the motorcycle riders!
Here we go!  Hard to believe but this is now my fourth BOSS Ironman run. I'll never forget the first time, where I rocked the north with a Ducati Monster (thank you Access Plus' Mr and Mrs. Toti and Joy Alberto).   My second was was memorable as well where I zoomed past by other bikers using the three-wheeled URAL Retro (thanks ROPALI Classics' Mr. Aldous Alingog).  And yet another 3-wheeler for my 3rd Ironman, where I was given rockstar status, using the Adiva AD3 (thanks Adiva Philippines' Mr. and Mrs. Ermie Espelata).  On my fourth, I have two choices, the CFMoto 650TR or the CFMoto 650NK. I'm going for the naked!  Yes everybody goes for the naked always.

This will be my first long ride for the new year. Wish us luck!

My good friends, the Long Riders.

They the BOSS!

Weapon of choice for my 4th Ironman.

An Ironman helmet for Ironman challenge!  Yeah, right?