Thursday, December 15, 2016

First Suzuki World in Philippines - Wheeltek Cabanatuan

Suzuki, in partnership again with Wheeltek, opens up the first Suzuki World in the country, right where the Suzuki and Wheeltek partnership all started - Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija.

It's always a pleasure hearing the Odulio patriarch, Dr. Reynaldo Odulio tells the story Wheeltek's humble beginnings with 3 Suzuki motorcycles being sold at their front yard.  With such a humble beginnings, it's midn-blowing that Wheeltek has grown into a very strong brand with dealerships all over the country.

Suzuki World is a concept store where all three Suzuki divisions are all under one roof:  Suzuki regular bikes, Suzuki big bikes and Suzuki cars.  Not only sales of motorcycles will be provided by Wheeltek, but also service and spare parts.   Yes it's a 3S shop, providing a one-stop shop for all Suzuki fans.

For the inauguration of the store, of course the two top captains of the motorcycle industry are present.  Mr. Hiroshi Suzuki, president of Suzuki Philippines, Inc and Dr. Reynaldo Odulio Sr., president of Wheeltek Motor Sales Corporation.  Also present for the event, Mr. Boying Mojica, Suzuki's managing director, Mr. Jun Bulot, Suzuki's sales and marketing manager, Mr. Roscoe Odulio, Wheeltek's vice-president.

The first Suzuki World is located just along Maharlika highway, Brgy Daang Sarile,