Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dirty Business - Trail Ride to Laiban, Tanay, Rizal

You know what we got after Chrismas?  Class.  Yep, we got class.
It was the classiest trail ride ever, safe to say!  Mighty fine looking gentlemen (and ladies) all dressed up for the Dirty Business - Business Class Trail Ride to Baranggay Laiban in Tanay, Rizal.

So what's with the suit, a lot of people asks.  I always say "it's so fun and easy, that we do it even in our suit!".  The idea came when someone (well you know me, I forgot who) asked me if trail riding is hard.  I said, it depends.  There are three types of riders.  First is the roadies, who loves speed, or protracted riding.  Or blingin their bikes.  Second is those who want it hard, like literally punishing yourself with steep mountain climbs, slippery mud slides, and with them come hard crashes.  Then thirdly there is us, dual-sports guys.  We both love on and offroads.  And to prove a point, I decided to to a trail ride donning a coat and a tie.  Along the way, I asked my fellow crazy friends, team WEBE, if they're ok with the idea.  As I said, crazy, so yeah, they're ok with it.

Ei look who dropped by, it's Mr. Jay Taruc!
Then as time went, we invited some friends to come join us.  We event kindly asked the sponsors to help make the event more fun for the riders by bringing stuff to raffle off.  Yep, we've got lotsa stuff! Honda gave 30 jerseys and 30 leg bags, while wheeltek gave 30 loot bags that include a shirt and thingies inside.   JM Mirasol Advertising made the quality stickers that were proudly put by the riders to their bikes.

Also given were one Spyder helmet to the best looking guy, and one MT helmet raffled off to one lucky rider.  Well both winners from team 137 yeeey!

Mr. Fritzy Claveria, a racer came with the whole teak 137 in full force numbering over a dozen all in their tailored suit.

The event actually supposedly done at the covered court of Laiban, but, since we weren't prepared, we left the items at Ka Panget's house. (Despite the name, he's no panget, trust me).  So we did a "quick" stop and there we finished the event with giving away the items and raffling some of them off.  They noticed the very steep mountainside and decided to do a "show".  The riders had fun trying to conquer an uphill climb and we had front row entertainment laughing at rolling and tumbling riders as they try to ascend the "wall".  A few successful runs, but many went home a failure.  The rain did not help.

We are blessed with a lot of friends.  The Team WEBE were the guys behind this event.  But it would not be a thing without the help of our friends from Valenzuela the Team 137.  Also, the much appreciated presence (these guys have my respect, road tires and all), were the REAPERS, Royal Enfield riders who took their Classics, Continentals, and the (ehem, as in I want this) Himalayan for a spin, in the trails no less.

Also, Honda Philippines, Inc was represented by Mr, Bench Padolina, who brazenly took his RS150 through the rivers and mud.

Yamaha was represented by Mr. Mel Aquino, who rocked the rocks with his Serow 250.\

It was truly an exciting and one-of-a-kind event, getting us praises and thanks for the uniqueness of the idea and the awesome experience by each rider.  This is what I was always trying to say, all my best memories of riding, are on the offroads.  Glad everyone had fun.  We should so do again.  But maybe not soon.  Maybe first Sunday of next year?

Respect to the road tire users like this Pony rider June Apostadero

We thank the following sponsors for their undying support:

Spyder Karyl Moral
Honda Stephanie Mata Kinkz Jean Garcia, Bench Padolina
Wheeltek Mark Chuidian Wheeltek
Yamaha Jude Camus
Monster Keith Ugale
Lechon City Cheggy Medina
Motul Adrian Baltazar
JM Mirasol Jun Marbella Mirasol
Royal Enfield Jimmy DL Barinaga
Touratech Alvin Dee Toto Villanueva
Waves and Pavement Michael Eijansantos
Cycleseal Peter Garcia
Overdose Mark Lloyd De Vera
Tirecare Paul Santos
Motobuy Honey Rose So
Jzone Randy Rosalada Silva-Netto
Shirt Attack Shirt Attack
Thug Burgers Emil Literal
Batcave ni Tatang Tatangs Chris Santos
Motocross Messiah Fairgrounds Sam Tamayo
Mel Aquino Offroad Training Camp

And media partners:

C! Magazine - Wheel 2 Wheel Maynard Marcelo
Motorsiklo News - Lifestyle on Wheels Joel Isidro Joya Alex Alo Donna Diamante-Alo
Topgear Aris Ilagan
MotorcyclePhilippines Bimbo Isidro
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NewsMoto Darwin Zialcita
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Jay Taruc
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and TurbanRider (yours truly)

To cap off the day, team WEBE had a nice refreshing dinner at the Pico de Pino.  Bulalo of course!