Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Thug Burgers! A Food Haven Hidden in Cainta

           Situated inside a private subdivision in Rizal, this is not your typical food chain. Laid back and chill vibes is what you're gonna feel every time you'll visit Thug Burger.
         Owned and operated by Emil Literal, yep! you read it right, the owner is in charge of almost everything, he also happens to be the one in charge  in making  those yummy, delicious, awesome and good looking burgers hand made inside the "Thug kitchen".

           Known to his friends and family as Dong, He is also an icon in the riding community. From 100% MAKIBAKA! To 100% BEEF patties! Dong, a marketing guy / riding advocate turned restaurateur, is a self-thought chef. Armed with his passion for cooking, he turned his love for cooking and good food into a thriving business.

The main man, the chef, the owner Mr. Emil "DONG" Literal

Started back in 2015 with a small capital, coupled with a Huge heart, from the idea of ​​cooking his and his family's favorite comfort food for self consumption, he thought why not share his food to the public with the best quality at an affordable price and put up a place where his food can be availed by anyone right in his own garage, and the rest was history.

Just a few from the many happy customers!
Thug burgers is now known as one of the best burger joints in Rizal, sharing to everyone its home cooked meals made fresh every day with no extenders and are reasonably priced. With Dong's garage converted into a dining area, friends and customers can enjoy their food served in a close-neighborhood type set up complete with picnic tables.

So the next time you'll be in the area of Rizal, do not hesitate and forget to drop by in Thug Burgers and have that same  exquisite experience repeat customers always have that is totally different from other burger place you are familiar with ... Great food, reasonable price, accommodating chef, what more could you ask for?  fill, chill, hang out!. Thug Burgers! 

yours truly with chef Dong