Monday, February 27, 2017

Honda Click 150i - Initial Review of the Ultimate Scooter

Drool people! Drool! 
#ridetheultimate is Honda's battle-cry this time. They are indeed armed for war in scooter segment, and this time, they have a very mighty weapon that could just topple the competition.

We are still awe-struck at the suggested retail price of P89,900.00, which is almost just the same as when the Click 125i came out.  So, when you happen to be looking for a bike in a dealer right now, you might not have any problem choosing if you see the two Clicks in the showroom.

Privileged enough, we are given the rare opportunity to test ride the Click 150i in HSDC in Bicutan. We fielded in our regular correspondent, racer Meng Sevilla to get a feel of the bike. Initially, here's what he can say :

- More powerful than the 125i (well we're kind of expecting that).
- Very easy to handle. Relaxed arms and good riding position in total.
- Stable in cornering.
- Very powerful combi  brake system.
- Center stand touches the ground when leaning. Well this is only evident of a good bike and grippy tires.

Other features that will surely make your purchase a no-brainer:

- Liquid-cooled SOHC 150cc engine (oh yeah!)
- Fuel-injected.
- Idling stop.
- Digital display panel.
- Seat switch.
- Key shutter.
- Callback remote key. Helps you find your bike in a sea of motorcycles in a parking lot. Very cool feature, and admittedly, there are times I wished I could ring my bike to know where I parked it.
- Combi brakes -  Front disc brakes.
- Humongous compartment that fits a full face helmet.

Aside from the SRP, one more thing that baffles us is the fuel consumption. While the 125 can get you 48 kilometers per liter (already amazing right?) , you can squeeze a mind-blowing 52 kpl with the 150i! This is the result of a continuing technology improvement by Honda.

Ok so basically, with the Honda Click 150i, not only you get a very affordable bike, you also get a more powerful bike, but with more efficient gas consumption! *mouth agape* and also *drooling*.

As this is just an initial review, we will be doing a full bike review soon when we get our hands on one! Thank you Honda!

Oh man why you do this Honda! I'm saving up for my kids' college! Hey guys, it's a tough decision help me out here! Their future? Or my new bike? 

Comes in the colour variants, all matte! 

Intuitive semi-digital instrumentation panel. 

All that power, culminates here at the rear wheel. 

Spacious compartment fits a full face helmet. 

Highly visible integrated rear lights. 

Very powerful front disc brake. 

Idling stop for maximum fuel efficiency 

Brake lock, very useful when in an inclined traffic jam.