Friday, February 3, 2017

PNP-HPG Finishes Mel Aquino Offroad Training Camp

Yours truly amidst the dirtiest cops in Rizal.  Literally dirty of course.  These are the finest young motorcycle-riding policemen I've met.
The HPG, or Highway Patrol Group, is probably the toughest police force in the country.  With their rigorous training, all graduates are expected to ride their motorcycle with expert precision.

The PNP-HPG of Rizal incorporated to their course two of their 1-week course the MAOTC (Mel Aquino Offroad Training Camp).  The training course was led by no less than Mel Aquino and the particpants were trained further in the art of dirt.  Accelerating, braking and cornering were incalcutated to the minds of the trainees as well as some fun in the flat track oval, and of course, in the ups and downs of the motocross track. I heard one rider even cleared a double jump!  Talk about police bravery!

After much intense riding by 50 motorcycle-riding policemen, I can safely say that our streets are safer, now that our squads are being patrolled by graduates of the guru Mel Aquino.

Main man Mel Aquino poses with his assigned group

Ariel Rosario
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Jay Maguigad

Chico Garcia

Pastos Sam Tamayo of MMF. 
Wha d'ya gonna do, when they come for ya?  Tandem riding, on a motorcycle, one throttling and the other one with finger on the trigger?

Err, I might be wearing the wrong dress.

Thank you guys! Snappy salute!