Friday, February 24, 2017

Yamaha Mio Ride Your Story Grand Fans Day with JADINE

It's Nadine Samonte and James Reid!  *roaring fans

Well, it's been a while since I've last seen a horde of fan girls (and boys) shout at the top of their lungs for their favorite love duo (no, not the Beatles).  It's Nadine Samonte and James Reid or JADINE for the thousand of fans who attended the Yamaha Mio Ride Your Story Grand Fans Day at the Activity Center of Market Market.  

Ms. Mai-Mai Cantillano first wooed the crowd with her "hugots".  Then Mr. TJ Monteverde serenaded the starry-eyed crowd.  And of course, singing their way from backstage was Mr. James Reid and much to the delight of adoring, shouting fans, the moment James and Ms. Nadine Samonte locked eyes and sang their hearts out.

Congratulations Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc for yet another thunderous event, thanks to the thousand of fans of JADINE.

Mr. Koaru Ogura, Ms. Nadine Damon's,  Mr. James Reid and Mr. Jude Camus

I didn't choose the thug life...

Whoa Yamaha has a new "big" bike?  Paging NBA playahs!

Our media guys and the beautiful ladies of Yamaha.  Mr. Maynard Marcelo of C!, Ms. Jen Perey, Ms. Tey Roxas, Ms. Trina Lagrosa and Mr. James  Orlanda of Speed.

Hello fans!

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Yamaha in-house rider and instructor Ms. Tey Roxas!