Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Motobuy A1 Action Camera Review

Comes in different colors!  MIne's white.

There are many reasons to get your self an action camera.  Other than affordability, here some other reasons why you should consider arming yourself with a recording device.

1. Preventing harassment. When corrupt cops see you are armed with a camera, they'll think twice about taking away your lunch money.  Simple.
2. Proving innocence.  Unbelievable but when we get involved in a traffic collision, regardless of who's fault, it easy to point fingers who's to blame.  At least with a helmet camera, it's easy to distinguish who's at fault.
3. Recording your adventures. Ah yes, adventures are meant to be shared.

With free enterprise and technology advancing, cameras are getting more affordable than ever.  One of the more decent cameras we recommend is the Motobuy A1 Action Camera.

Night shots.  Great night shots, no need for additional light source.  Your headlight is more than enough to get a good view of what's the camera's pointing to.

Taken on an A1 Action Cam.  Just before sunrise. 

 The A1 has a built-in gyro technology to stabilize the image electronically.  This is very important in making videos. It produces a smoother camera movements.

Voice Guidance.  When the action starts happening, there's no time to lose. It's nice to have to know you have really pushed the button, else, you just wasted a good perfect triple jump on that motorcross track.  Although with the waterproof casing, this is inaudible.  The voice guidance is a good feature but can live without it.

Sony Image Sensor.  The A1 Action Cam is equipped with a Sony IMX 078 (12.4m) image sensor.  Now what does that mean.  Well, Sony is a very reputable brand when it comes to cameras, and technology for that matter.  So with this, you get to have quality shots every time with a quality camera.

Video Resolutions. - The A1 offers from 640x480 @240 FPS to 4k @24 FPS resolution. Resolution is the amount of pixels (the bigger the number the better) and FPS is as it means, frames per second (also, the bigger the number the better).  You will have to decide what the video is for.  As for personal social media, I use 1920 x 1080 @60 FPS.  Not too big for uploading, not too small to lose the details.

2-in LCD display fills almost the whole back of the camera.  Yummy!
LCD Display.  With a 2 inch LCD display, it's nice to preview shots.  Also viewing photos and videos are fine, no need to transfer first to laptop.  I will now never settled now for anything less than 2 inch screen.

WIFI.  One of the coolest feature is the A1's ability to be controlled via WIFI using android phone or Iphone.  You just need to install the software for it.  Works great if you have a phone holder installed on your handlebar.  Preview the action while it happens.

In comparison to other cheap cameras, the Motobuy A1 is way much better.  One of the problems with the other much too cheap cameras are the easily snapped mounting accessories.  I've broken, quite easily I might add, all my previous camera's mounts.  I had to resort to buying aftermarket accessories.  With the A1 Action Cam, the accessories are made with quality plastic and will not snap even when you try to.  (see video)

Also, since we will be mostly mounting the camera on our head, it's a hassle to remove the helmet just to check it it has started recording.  Many cheap cameras don't easily turn on when the power button is pushed.  It takes an effort to do so.  With the A1 Action Cam, the power button is a cinch to pinch.  In fact all buttons are a joy to push, doesn't take an effort.

Also, nice to know Motobuy is including a free battery and an 8gb memory card.  Bang for the buck!

So, with an SRP of P5,999.00, I honestly think it's reasonable enough considering what you'll get.  And not too pricey for an excuse not to buy.   I think an action camera (or helmet camera, or dashboard camera if we could find a way to install it on our bike), is a good investment and highly recommended.  James Deakin, a vocal advocate of compulsary dashcam for cars.   And I think it'll happen soon on the bike segment, especially government vehicles.  Remember, people behave better when they know that they are being watched.  So be that another set of eyes on the road.

To know more, you can PM directly the Motobuy FB page: (https://web.facebook.com/MotobuyPH/)
or browse the website: (http://a1cam.motobuy.com.ph/(

Video Links:
Here are some of our video taken with a Motobuy A1 Action Camera:


Full Specifications:
DSP: NTK96660
Image Sensor: Sony IMX 078(12M)
Video Resolution: 4K@24fps (2880x2160), 2560x1449 30fps, 1920x1800 50fps, 1280x720 120fps, 640x480 240fps
Image Resolution: 20M/18m/16m/12M/8M/5M/2M
LCD Display: 2.0 inch HD Screen
Extended Memory: 64GB
Image File Format: JPEG
Video File Format: MP4
Interface Type: USB/HDMI
Language: English/German/French/Spanish/Italian/Portuguese/Simplified Chinese/Japanese/Traditional Chinese/Russian/Korean/Polish/Swedish
Battery Type/Capacity: 3.7V 1050mAh li-ion
NAND Flash: Built-in
Gyro Stabilization: Built-in
Speaker: Built-in
MIC: Built-in
Waterproof Depth: 30m
Waterproof Mode: Waterproof case
Camera Angle: 170° 140° 110° and 70°
Motion Detection: Yes
Loop Record: 3 mins/5 mins/10 mins/OFF
Photograph Resolution: Max 16M
Anti-shake: YES
SRP: On sale right now at P4,399.00 (from P5,999.00)

Sample photos taken on an A1 Action Cam:

Sample Videos:

The Motobuy A1 Action Cam:


Photo from Motobuy website