Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Pit Stop!: Pirate Burger

One beautiful Tuesday night, a Turban Rider craved for burgers. One invite led to another, and we found ourselves parking in front of a hole in the wall burger joint that you should definitely try out. If you find yourself yearning for a big juicy burger that will satisfy you without hurting your budget, then, grab your buddies and skedaddle on over to Pirate Burger!

Pirate Burger is the brainchild of brothers Joeben and Richard Bisenio. Originally established as a no-frills burger joint last year, Joeben noticed a steady rise in patrons - rousing his interest to develop the craft. They envisioned a noshery that welcomed everyone and served affordable and organic burgers. With both brothers being ardent fans of the Japanese manga-anime series, "One Piece" and Richard working as a Shipmate, it paved the way to the delightful concept Pirate Burger has today.

The owner, Mr. Joeben "Popoy" Bisenio and his mentor, Mr. Henry Gala

TR Mad Rider and Mr. Joeben Bisenio

Getting there is easy and you won't miss it because a mural of Monkey D. Luffy is there tempting you with a burger. The menu is simple and items are named after major characters or elements in"One Piece". Each burger that leaves the kitchen is cooked upon order and handcrafted by Joeben himself, ensuring it's freshness and quality. Their patties are high grade, locally raised pure beef patties cooked just right to keep it juicy and flavorful.

I'm a big burger fan so I ordered their flagship burger called "Black Pearl". I thought, 'I could take this'. I've conquered towering burgers before. This will be a cinch. But boy, was I wrong about that! Here is a whopping five layer pure beef burger with bacon, egg, ham, chili beef sauce, mushrooms and a glorious amount of cheese. They even had the nerve to add a side of fries with this monster!

Mowdel TR Mad Rider

*drool* Black Pearl burger (P300.00) 
The upper portion of the 5-layer monstrosity.

2 out of 5 patties left. I concede!

Some from the Turban Rider team ordered the bestseller called "Captain Burger" which was a double beef patty with bacon, mushroom and cheese. If you're not in the mood for beef, they have a chicken burger called "Nami burger" and if you're hankering for some pasta, fret not! they have recently added a couple of pasta dishes to the menu. Finally, what's a meal without something sweet? wash everything down with their delectable milkshakes.

Nachos (P55.00)

White sauce pasta (P75.00)

Captain Burger (P165.00)
Quarter Master burger ( P145.00)

Admit it, there is just something about sinking your teeth into a hefty, luscious burger loaded with toppings and dripping with cheese.  Pirate Burger has many other burger creations for you to discover so don't take my word for it. Get out there and loot their food treasures!

Pirate Burger is located at 8th street north signal Taguig city
Taguig 1632. Visit theirFacebook page here