Tuesday, May 30, 2017

WEBE DOES MAGALLANES - Dirty Ride Down South With The Trail Team Spyder

Seeing red?
Painting the town red?
Red riding hood?
Shall I go on? 

*Disclaimer 1 - My phone is kaput.  It jumped right in front of me and I ran over it.  So expect less scenery and more selfies.
*Disclaimer 2 - 

No it's not the 4-level interchange flyover that connects the SLEX, EDSA, Skyway and Osmena Highway.  The Magallanes that the WEBE did was not teeming with overcrowded buses, speeding taxis and hurried people in MRT station.  The atmosphere wasn't poisoned with Carbon Monoxide.  It was the Magallanes situated further down south, in the middle of the historical place of Maragondon, Cavite and Nasugbu, Batangas.   As per Wikipedia, representatives of the sleepy barrio of Panitan (the town's original name) went to  Intramuros and saw Magallanes street.  They decided it has a nice ring to it and decided to name heir town after the street.  Oh and of course we all do know that Fernando de Magallanes is the spanish name of Ferdinand Magellan, the Portuguese explorer.
Oh yeah.  What we'd pay to see this scenery.

We were met by our tour guide, AJ Leviste who knows the place like the back of his hand.  Furthermore, or should I say, what's more important is that he knows the local and he is known to them.  So breezing through the fields of the Cavite town was a, breeze.  he is our guide and "gatepass" to many hidden paradises scattered in the town.

We went first to Mt. Marami.  Marami means many in the local dialect.  And we all know that most
mountains or trail places got their names surrounding their circumstance.  "Marami na sumemplang dito" (many have crashed here), "Marami na umiyak dito" (many have cried over this place).  We could only summon gazillions of speculations how the place was named, but Mt. Marami was an offroader's haven.  Lot's of compacted earth, slippery (yummy) mud and a nipa hut at a vantage point before entering the place.  After taking breath-taking photos of us, we headed down again for our lunch.
Mock poster is mock!  
Image is actually Magallanes, but the one in Makati, not Cavite.
It was a simple lunch in a hole-in-the-wall eatery.  Salted egg, fried chicken, pakbet and souped native delicacy nilaga to replenish lost (or about to be lost) nutrient.  And a few good extra cups of rice for good measure.  And coffee of course!  Yeah nothing like a combination of hot brew on a hot sweltering day.

My phone got whacked!  Good thing I got some good vids.
Thank you MotoBuy A1 Action Cam!

After a maze of countless unnamed entryways, we found ourselves at what Mr. Leviste could only call "the lightest trail possible here".  It was a light path, except for the knee-deep mud, that made one of us do the Hail Mary and a fast descend turn that resulted in a crash.  There's also this handlebar-wide bridge we had to cross but without first ascending a near 45 degree asphalted ramp, which was fun for many, but a dread to some.  I too almost had a heart attack after nearly making it without sideswiping the rails, which could've catapulted me down the dried river bed.

Sorry to those who ate my dirt.  Haha, thank you Maxxis Tires!

Nearing afternoon, we were rewarded with a place ala-sound of music background with green hills, for picture-perfect poses and ambiance.  I've had a lot of photos taken here, but alas, on our way out, my phone jumped from my cockpit, straight to my path, where I crushed it with my front and rear tire, dead spot on.  I couldn't care less about the phone, I just wish there's a way to save all the photos and videos in there.

Homeward-bound, we decided to trek up Nasugbu and had coffee in the store besides kaybiang tunnel.  Coffee, pansit canton and bread, seemed like a perfect way to end a muddy day.

Coffee, instant pansit canton and bread.  Perfection.

This is yet again one memorable offroad ride with the team WEBE.

We acknowledge one of our soon to be member, Rico, a CPA who braved what we braved who brought the "wrong" equipment but nonetheless made a point that any bike can be an adventure bike, if you're brave enough.

We thank:
Honda Philippines, for the many time they have given us these red suits
Spyder Philippines for our lids
Maxxis and CST tires, for this gripping tale of offroading
Motobuy A1 Action Camera for our action shots, top be posted soon!

Hidden tapsihan.  Perfect for morning rendezvous.

Well, someone brought the "wrong" equipment!


Our favorite coffee place in Kaybiang tunnel.