Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Himalayan Adventure Team 'Pinas

Bon Voyage guys!

So, the Royal Enfield guys, and gal, are going to the probably the most treacherous road in the world, the one that leads up to the Himalayan!   Ah yes the mere mention of the word sends shivers down my spine.   Brrrr,,,

I was told the lowest temperature will be around negative 6.  As a Filipino, I have no idea how cold is too cold.  But for comparison, the coldest I've experienced was an 8 degress upwards Baguio on a misty early morning.   It was colder than my ex's heart!  And I had to don all 4 of my shirts and 1 windbreaker jacket, but it hardly did the job.   We had to warm ourselves with the exhaust.  And that wasn't even below zero, so we can only imagine what this team would go through.

We wish you good luck and will publish your adventure of a lifetime here in TurbanRider.com!