Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Honda Gen-S Pride Ride: Increasing the Gen-S Circle in its 2nd year

Hundreds of Honda Gen-S riders flocked to Bosoboso to experience the 2nd Honda Pride Ride.

May 20~21, 2017, Antipolo, Rizal – The Gen-S energy blasted as the riders from Honda and other brands released the spirit of youthfulness and fun as they interact from various Clubs and showed camaraderie with their newfound riders whom they shared their common interest, the Gen-S Fun!

6 Teams, 14 Games, 400 Participants, all Gen-S Riders gathered in one place to experience the true Gen-S Spirit and explored newfound set of friends from the circle of Honda family in the 2nd year of the Honda Gen-S Pride Ride for Luzon Leg in Boso-Boso Highland Resort in Antipolo, Rizal.

Riders assembled in HSDC to have their pre-ride rituals: Invocation, flag raising, Radio Exercise, and HPI’s standard reminder of road safety from Ms. Carol Andal of Safety Riding Promotions Dept.  Traversing C6 from HSDC, Riders arrived the venue in surprisingly an hour, and were welcomed by drumbeaters and fire dancers to provide the atmosphere of fun.

During lunch, all Club Rider President/ Officers were able to meet and greet HPI’s President Mr. Daiki Mihara, for the first time. Each expressed their appreciation while Mr. Mihara shared great news about Honda’s plans - this chance was much appreciated by the Club Officers.

Riders piled up at the Test Ride area to feel the Gen-S ride, and from 2PM to 6PM, Riders were divided among groups, each to their own set of games with strategies, teamwork, and passion.  Enduring the pain, everyone was eager to win each game. And finally, the top three teams surpassed 6 other teams:  3rd place went to Blue, 2nd to Red, and 1st to Green Team.

Everyone was excited the whole day, and to add more of the Gen-S experience, additional knowledge about PGM-FI was shared; while the launching of the BeAT orange and band entertainment stimulated the Gen-S energy.

The second day was concluded with recognition from each Clubs’ effort while ideas from various clubs were also given importance.

It was rewarding to witness Riders enjoy and offer their support to Honda as we all have one objective: Increase the Gen-S Tribe!

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