Monday, June 5, 2017

TurbanRider's Big Screen Debut: BUGSO

Here's the original, less interesting (boring) poster.  Booo!  My name is hardly visible!  Pfffttt!

Ok.  So I've been on TV before.  I've temporarily hosted a radio show before.  My photos were on magazines before.   Now, I hope you all guys could watch my big screen debut!  Bugso!  Watch my limited screen time but packed with Oscar-worthy performance of me getting off my bike and handling a delivery of a helmet.  It was an intense scene where I was un-buckling my helmet and strapping it to my bike!

We had to do a couple of takes.  As a man committed to my craft, I had to perfect the art of walking 4 or 5 paces from my bike to the customer.   I've spent weeks of vocalization practice, so that I could perfectly deliver my line of "Oh eto na helmet nyo!" The tone, intonation,grammar and diction should be PERFECT!

I even had to eat a lot to gain weight for my role!  I had to play the role of a chubby (the less offensive nomenclature instead of fat or obese) helmetologist who has to deliver a helmet (which in real life doesn't really happen) to fellow riders.  Now I had to undo all the calories I ingested for this film.  The things I'd do for perfection!

Anyways, again, I sincerely hope to see your faces with mouth agape, as you watch my movie (yes I'm claiming it), directed by my friend A.A. Rocha.  It's a star-studded cast, as you can see in the poster.  Also in his acting debut, my good friend, the burgerman chef Dong Literal.  Woot!

I was disappointed to see the poster.  The billing is just, NOT RIGHT!  So, acting as my own manager (and graphics artist), I asked director AA if I could "tweak" the poster just a little bit.  I don't want to eclipse the other stars so I tried to make the edits as subtle as possible.  Try to compare the poster above, from the original below.  You'll see and definitely agree that the one I made was much better.  WAY MUCH BETTER!

Bigger font wasn't enough, 2 arrows will show you that I am part of this movie!  And see the testimonials?  Eh?   Eh?  I can act you know!  I don't want to be the "star" so I made my photo (in the middle) just a little smaller than the real stars.  I;m no fame hog!