Sunday, June 11, 2017

TVS Max 125 Semi Trail Initial Review

The TVS MAX 125 Semi Trail comes in awesome green.
Initial impression on the looks of the TVS MAX 125 Semi Trail.

If you want a decent road bike, but with offroad capabilities, this is the perfect bike for you. It's basically a standard bike with yummy tasty dual sports tires. So this is a true dual sports bike. The front fender is raised up higher to give way for the front suspension's travel during bumpy dirt rides. (full review on this next week)

The twin rear suspension looks superb. Though we haven't tried it offroad, it makes for high ground clearance. And very comfortable in its soft settings.

The headlight is characteristically of standard bike from India and Indonesia. I like.

The gas tank is big and accommodates 14 liters of fuel. If I can squeeze 50 kilometers on this bike, one full tank will yield me 700 kilometers. That's from Manila all the way to the Northermost part of Luzon! Awesome for touring.

The tires, I can't stress enough, are awesome dualsports IRC. These are actually the first things I noticed when I first saw the bike.

The only thing I can say not good about this bike is the weld spots. It's a bit u refined but that's just me nitpicking. Not a big deal really.

If I have to put accessories, I'd just add handguards to make it more offroad-y. And/or windshield to make it a touring or adventure bike. Oh and no need to install USB charger. One is already installed under the seat. Awesome!

The instrumentation panel are simple and all info are easy to digest at a glance.

In our next review, we will highlight the features.

Side profile is sexy! This is the blue variant.
Also comes in red.