Friday, September 1, 2017

Suzuki Philipipines Launches the GSX Series at the MX GR82B8

The GSX-R is yummy.

Ah finally after so many dreamy months of waiting, the first GSX bikes were finally spotted at the 8th anniversary of Motorsiklo Xklusibo.

The GSX series come in two new model, the touring-friendly GSX-S 150 and the race-ready GSX-R 150, both sporting the same engine but with different usage in mind.  

The GSX-S 150 is a naked standard bike, built for those who love the smell of the country roads, and of the city smoke as well.   One of it's prominent features is the very distinguished headlamps, which is quite polarizing.   Love it or not, the GSX-S 150 is gonna be lining up the streets soon, due to it's highly competitive pricing with an SRP of P112,800, considering all the technological parts put in it.

The GSX-R 150 is another story though.  Firstly, it's a racebike, used internationall by Suzuki at the ARRC.  The very same bikes used by our top three Suzuki riders, Mario Borbon, April King Mascardo and EJ Sobretodo.  This bike has proven it's speed and agility at the Suzuki Asian Challenge.  It's cousin is still highly considered the king, and this one is preparing for its own thrown as a contender for the king of entry-level sportbike.

GSX-S 150!  Not bad Suzuki! Not bad!

We look forward to personally riding these majestic machines for a full motorcycle review here at  

People piled up to get close and personal to one of the highlights of the MX event.  The 3 new bikes from Suzuki.