Friday, September 8, 2017

The New Honda XRM 125 FI is Here to Conquer New Roads

Comes in yummy orange!
XRM.  Ah the mere mention of the three letter acronym takes me back in time more than a decade ago when XRM was the bike to be seen on.   It's the king of the, when volume is considered.  They're everywhere!

The staying power of the Honda XRM is incredible.   Now after more than a decade, it is still enjoying a fair share of the road along with newer, and technologically advanced bikes.   And as if to quelch the people's doubt, the new Honda XRM FI is now launched at the Honda Safety Driving Center last Friday.  Yes, the mighty XRM is now fuel-injected.

The carbureted XRM is a fuel sipper as it is, now imagine it running with an FI engine.   But economy is just one of the nicest things about this bike.  It's dubbed as one indestrucitble bike.  Considering the thousands of stories told, about the rigidity and ever-reliability of the XRM.

A Metro Riding Skills Challenge was conducted by Honda for the media for us to test out the bikes in a friendly slalom competition.   Congratulations to our very own Meng Sevilla and Ariel Rosario for bagging the 3rd and 2nd place, respectively, the champion being no other than Mr. Philip J. Bonza.

This XRM is just one of the several bikes released by HPI.   We will be featuring more of them soon.  Hope to do a bike revier soon!