Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Kymco Racing King 180, Do not let the looks fool you

      At a glance, the kymco racing king looks like your typical chinese scooter or worse, an ebike that has an impression of being slow but don't let your eyes fool you! For the kymco racing king is one mighty scooter that handles good, breaks well and accelerates freakishly fast! It is so quick that most of the automatics that i have ride along with cannot keep up(kamote mode). I was lucky enough to spend a full day with this beast and boy! The experience was awesome! I was able to get a top speed of 143kph on a slightly inclined road somewhere in antipolo. It was raining that day but the dual discbreaks with ABS together with a nice set of tires gave me a lot of confidence to push the bike to its limits.. The headlights provided a good amount of light which lets me see clearly at night, buttons and switches are placed properly and was easy to reach. The LED daytime running lights are also added bonus, makes you more visble all the time! The seat, together with a great suspension gave a realy comfy ride all through my saddle time on the bike. Through my testing period with the Kymco Racing King, I was also able to ride it with a backride where i picked up my wife from work in ortigas then ride back home to antipolo. I was surprised that in spite of having a backride, there was just a little decrease in the torqe of the engine and we were still able to accelerate fast with our combined weight of over 130kgs. (yes we are a heavy couple)

      Now let's talk about the things I wasn't happy about the Kymco Racing King. In my opinion  it fell a little short in terms of the overall design. Honestly, it may not look very appealing to some. But thats the thing about Racing King, it will fool a lot of riders thinking that it is slow and is not capable and that its just another common ordinary automatic then boom! All they will see is your tail light and they are all left behind. Also, the passenger foot pegs are a bit annoying and have a tendency of hitting your calves everytime you put your leg down while  navigating through traffic.

      Overall, the Kymco Racing King is on a league of its own, it is indeed one of the best automatics i have ever ridden. For those who wants a fast automatic that handles well and has good set of brakes, that wants it all stock and is not into modifications, this is the bike for you.

      I rate this bike 8.5 out of 10, 10 being the highest.